If you purchased Suforyou extension on the Extension Warehouse you need to install it on EW. The license will be created automatically when you install it. You don’t need the activation file.

Install on the Extension Warehouse

  • Adding Extensions to SketchUp
  • Trying or purchasing extensions in the Extension Warehouse
    • Sketchup manages your licenses and your payments (no refunds)
  • Managing extensions
  • Extension License Issues
    • Expired Trial: After an extension trial has expired, you need to purchase the extension to keep using it. You can purchase the extension from the extension details page or from the My Extension page. See Adding Extensions to SketchUp for details about installing trial and purchased extensions.
    • Expired License: If you purchased a subscription to an extension, you see an expiration message when the subscription period is over. Visit the extension’s details page to renew your subscription.
    • Not Licensed: This message means SketchUp couldn’t locate a license for the extension. If you installed the extension from Extension Warehouse, uninstall the extension, restart SketchUp, and then re-install the extension. If you installed the extension some other way, remove the extension manually and reinstall it from the Extension Warehouse.
    • License Limit Exceeded: You can install a purchased extension on two different computers. If you installed the extension on more than the allowed number of computers, you see this error. If you uninstall the extension on one of the other two computers, you can then install the extension on your current machine.
  • License missing:
    • If you use Sketchup 2019 subscription, you need update the new version 2019.3 or later.
    • Check your account you purchased the suforyou’s extension.
    • Try Update license :
      1. Click Menu Windown-Extension Manager.
      2. Click Down Arrow on the suforyou’s extension.
      3. Click Update license.
    • Try uninstall then reinstall:
      1. Login Extension Warehouse INSIDE Sketchup by account your purchased,menu windows-> Extension Warehouse.
      2. Uninstall the extension.
      3. Logout Extension Warehouse.( in Sketchup 2019 : menu Help-logout)
      4. Restart Sketchup.
      5. Login Extension Warehouse inside Sketchup by account your purchased.
      6. Install Extension.
      7. Restart Sketchup.

Install Manually

Don’t install on this if you purchased Suforyou extension on the Extension Warehouse.

  • Download and install manually Google Drive
  • How to active the extension :
    • You need Online:
      1. Click menu Extensions-Suforyou-Manager license-Manager…(or Send Request and Purchase)
      2. Input your mail and select extensions
      3. Click Pay with Paypal. Waiting for Get Your Authorization Code in your browser.
      4. Click menu Extensions-Suforyou-Manage license-Activate License.
      5. Input your email address and your Authorization Code.
  • License Type
    • Permanent : Use permanent Support 3 years.
    • Subscription : 1 year.(Free active new extension)
    • Education : 1 year.(You need to provide more information about your education purposes)
    • 1 license for 1 computer. Second computer discount 50%.
    • Update free for 1.x to 3.x
  • My Paypal https://www.paypal.me/suforyou
  • Price : Click Here